Dear Instagram - September '15


September my love,
You are probably my favourite month of all 12. I'm not kidding, I mean it.
Even if this year I wasn't able to decently appreciate your magic, I have to thank you for all the love you always bring to my heart. You always make me feel renovated, stronger and happier.
I hope that next time we meet my life will be completely different from now and I will be able to spend some quality time with you.
Hopefully I will see you next year x

Autumn happiness!


I think my favourite months of the year are August and September. After a delicious beach season (for some) with nights out (not necessarily clubbing), dinners with friends, lunches in family, travelling, fresh clothes and warm sun, cosy season comes by.
And what's not to like about Autumn? No sweat, yet no frost bite. I find it the perfect and most balanced season of the year. (I'm actually much happier during Autumn/Winter that I am in Summer).

22nd September yesterday, Autumn is officially here and what's the best way to welcome it other than listing the best things to look forward for? Here's 7 things I love the most about this season.

The importance of protein


People who work out and have specific goals need to know the effect of different nutrients in their body. Those who exercise need to eat, and eat well - working out and closing your mouth is a huge mistake and it will most probably give you the opposite to a slim, toned and healthy body.
Basic, undeniable and scientifically proven rule: the food is the one that supplies energy to the body and allows us to be active, able to do all our daily tasks and - most basic, still important - survive. The food that gives us energy is the one that contains macro-nutrients

1st Birthday Party! (+ giveaway)


Yeaaay! 1 year blogging!

September is one of my favourite months of the year, and it is now even more special.
1 year ago by this time I was writing the first words in this blog. I wasn't sure where this would get to, I just knew how much I wanted to have this place in the Internet, a place of my own. Something that represents me, a place where I could express myself and feel proud of. It would eventually come to the moment when someone else was reading my words, and it felt so great I decided to keep going.

All you bloggers who happen to be reading this words might know as much as me how difficult it is to keep your space going and growing. Some times were difficult, I thought maybe it would come to an end, maybe it wasn't worth it. But it got better, and it's still up!
In the meanwhile both name and theme changed. It started making more sense to me. And the love went on and on and on...

Life update - holidays, health, dreams and plans


As many of you might already know by reading my last posts, this year hasn't been making it easy for me, specially the last 3 or 4 months. Me and Habibi splitting (which is taking forever, let me tell you, we are still sharing the same place!), my job killing me day after day (too much work, no time and no money = not worth it) and basically me losing focus of what I wanted my life to be.

After getting to a breaking point I decided to just throw everything behind my back and do whatever felt closer to my heart's will. So I quit my job, went to see my family for 2 weeks and tried to get my batteries charged.

Also my health last week complicated things a bit. I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which is basically a partial and 'temporary' paralysis of the face. Not easy, but already recovering!